Whiskey Glycemic Index and Alcohol

October 19, 2009 by admin  
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We all want to live a healthy lifestyle. However, there are times when we also need to unwind, have fun, and hang out with our friends. In cases like these, we often disregard our diet restrictions. We eat foods rich in fat and carbohydrates. We also drink too much wine, beer, whiskey and other alcoholic drinks. Let’s face it! There are times we can’t resist a shot of our favorite whiskey. If this is the case, it will help a lot if we know about the whiskey glycemic index.

Alcoholic drinks like whisky can be very addictive. People turn to whiskey when they want to forget their problems or just want to celebrate or relax after a hard day’s work. Once you know whiskey’s GI, you will be more aware of how it can affect your body.

Whiskey has a rather high glycemic index due to its high alcohol content. Alcohol is high in calories, yielding 7 calories per gram. So what you can do to become an intelligent consumer of whiskey? Here’s how:

1. Drink moderately

Do you easily get drunk? Do you drink whiskey to forget your problems in life? Do you enjoy drinking so much that you often lose count of the number of glasses you drink? Now that you know that whiskey has high glycemic index, think twice before you indulge. Discipline or control yourself to drink in moderation only. Have only a shot or two and learn to turn down offers to drink more.

2. Think about turning to healthier drinks

Drinking whiskey can be addictive and it can greatly affect your health. Do not be deceived by low-carb or low-calorie whiskeys. Consider switching to healthier drinks like fruit and vegetable juices or shakes. You can also try drinking green tea and other drinks with low caffeine content. You can enjoy drinking knowing you are doing your body a great favor by providing it the nutrients it needs.

3. Abstinence is the key

If you want to stay healthy, abstain from drinking alcoholic drinks including whiskey. You can start by avoiding going out with friends for a drink. Turn to other drinks with lower alcohol and glycemic index.

Now that you know that the whisky glycemic index is generally high, it is safer to drink it in moderation, or perhaps even to avoid drinking it altogether. Alcoholic drinks like whiskey can ruin your diet and make you gain weight. Start living a healthier lifestyle by moderating your consumption of whiskey and other alcoholic drinks.

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